Content of the Spring Agora

This year Agora presents Europe as a place of many possibilities. Through a series of panels and initiation dialogues, the event will illustrate how much Europe has to offer and how diverse it is. In addition to purely substantive discussions on current issues, participants will learn where to look for information about international cooperation opportunities and how to access funds for education and projects in the area of European integration.

Agora aims to trigger a debate both during and before the culmination of the event. The monthly articles published will be concerning various issues as: opportunities arising from participation in the Erasmus + program, psychological foundations of discriminatory behaviour and media influence on interpretation caused by erroneous information.

The Agora umbrella event is also intended to report on the perception of the current situation in Europe. The report will be drawn up using quantitative surveys on a representative group of European students, and its aim is to analyse the sympathy of young Europeans for the rightness of the idea of Europe, awareness of the possibilities and responsibilities of international integration and the opportunities arising from it. Based on the evidence, the results of the report will be the basis for one of the discussion panels.

Discussion panels will cover issues of international cooperation and integration taking into account the blurring of cultures, patriotic attitudes and respect for other nations, limited confidence in authorities in power, the role of diplomacy in maintaining relations between countries, differences between democracy in Europe and Asia and the history and causes of separatist’s movements.