International Cooperation in Europe


International Cooperation in Europe – what does it give, what does it take? is the survey in which we want to know what young people realistically think about the current situation in Europe and how they see the future of the Old Continent in the context of pros and cons (profits and losses).

The questionnaire is divided into 4 blocks:
1. Interest in the current political and social situation in Europe.
2. Advantages and disadvantages of international cooperation
3. Perception of the future of the Old Continent
4. Respondent’s profile

What you need to do? Just answer the questions:

We are sure that with your help our survey will spread all over Europe. Please answer it and share with your friends!
The Report based on the answers will be presented on Spring Agora Kraków 2018 Destination: Europe.

The deadline to answer the questionnaire is 31st of March!