What is it?

The Agora is the General Assembly of AEGEE, which takes place twice a year (in Spring and Autumn). It is the biggest event organized by AEGEE. Each time, the host of the Agora is one of the AEGEE locals in a European country. The main objective is to build the future of the organization by cooperating with other members of the association. The event goes on for a few days. The participants of the Agora are young students from all over Europe, reaching a number of even 800 individuals. This event encourages conversations, meetings, discussions, exchange of views and participation in various projects.

But first of all, during the Agora, we learn about our association and about ourselves!

It is also the time when we elect the new executive board of AEGEE, where we discuss the future of our organization and present the results of our previous activities.


  • Members of the Comité Directeur (CD), Commissions and the Chair Team of AEGEE-Europe
  • Liaison Officers and Agents of AEGEE-Europe
  • Up to 3 delegates of AEGEE Antennae and Working Groups
  • Up to 3 envoys of AEGEE Contact Antennae, Working Groups, Project Teams and Connections
  • Up to 2 observers of AEGEE Contacts• Visitors from each antenna (usually with a limited number of places available)


  • Plenaries
    Delegates and visitors of the Agora attend these meetings. During the sessions, several topics are discussed (such as the results and reports of different AEGEE bodies). Voting also takes place during these sessions.
  • Prytania
    Prytanium is a meeting in which proposals for changes to the statutes are discussed.
  • Workshops
    They are panel discussions led by external speakers, which stimulate and ensure the personal development of AEGEE members.
  • Social Program